Our Spacious Kitchen: Your Haven for Post-Work Dining Bliss"

Comfortable Lodging for

Savor the simplicity of our spacious kitchen – the perfect spot
to unwind and dine after a day's work. Your comfort, our



Hassle-free parking with our expansive driveways, accommodating up to three vans. Your convenience is our priority.

Free WiFi

Experience the freedom of seamless connectivity with our complimentary WiFi at our place, Crib Surfer.

+2 Bathrooms Each Property

Stay with the luxury of multiple bathrooms in each home, providing the comfort and convenience you deserve.


Pubs Nearby

The local scene by exploring nearby pubs during your leisure moments. Unwind and socialize in the vibrant atmosphere just a short distance away.

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Our Commitment to

Comfortable places

Free off-Street Parking

A stay that feels like home at Crib Surfer. Enjoy the convenience of our large kitchens for communal dining and the luxury of multiple bathrooms, ensuring a stress-free start to your day – even when sharing a room. Welcome to comfort, welcome to Crib Surfer

Service Areas

Local Insights

Discover the best local spots with our guidance, from hidden gems to must-visit attractions. We're here to make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Nightlife at Your Fingertips

Experience nightlife at your doorstep – unwind at a nearby pub or explore local entertainment.

Unrivaled Hospitality

At Crib Surfer, hospitality is our commitment. Our dedicated staff ensures your stay is exceptional, making you feel welcome and cared fo

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Our Recent Reviews

“Having tried Biryani & Gousto I tried Cribsurfer Housing & the price is great. It's really helped mix up mealtimes.”

- Lindsay

“Each recipe we’ve made has been really tasty. More flexible than Gousto & boxes who send all the ingredients”

- Sophie

“The Customer service was amazing and it was available for 24/7. I'm gonna come here again soon.”

- Victoria

“A brilliant idea, simple recipes, easy to cook, delicious results. No long-term commitment. Highly recommended.”

- Terry

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