• Safety Updates

Prioritizing Safety at Every Step with Crib Surfer

Committed to Safety and Well-being

At Crib Surfer, ensuring the safety of our properties, staff, visitors, and guests is paramount. In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, we have implemented proactive measures aligned with local governmental guidelines. Our management team remains vigilant, staying attuned to updates within the hospitality sector, and swiftly adapting our practices as needed.

Crib Surfer has implemented thoughtful changes within our public spaces:

Sanitizing stations, furnished with antibacterial gels, are conveniently positioned at all property entrances.

Protective screens grace the front desks of each property, fostering a secure environment for interactions.

Social distancing measures are thoughtfully upheld throughout our properties, promoting a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Guests are encouraged and reminded of effective handwashing techniques, contributing to collective well-being.

We have streamlined and digitized numerous processes, minimizing face-to-face interactions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Essential information is communicated proactively before your arrival, enhancing your experience with clarity and assurance.

To ensure an uncompromised standard of cleanliness, each room is meticulously checked and sealed on the day of your arrival.

A courtesy call is extended to all guests, offering additional services and addressing any inquiries.

We champion express check-out, facilitating a seamless departure process with electronic invoices provided for your convenience.

Should you have any queries or specific health and safety requests, our team is here to assist. Please feel free to reach out to hello@cribsurfer.com. Your well-being remains our top priority.

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