Hannah Fulk’s Summertime Adventures for London for Heart London Magazine

Fancy a cool work out, singing along to musicals over dinner, taking in some cool artwork, watching a film on a roof top or getting some pampering? Then read on!

If you are a 20-something solo traveller looking for fun things to explore in the big and bustling city of London, first – I got you and second – we would get along quite nicely. I’ve had the privilege to enjoy many wonderful adventures in the city as I’ve spent my summer living and working here, fulfilling a much needed vacay away from the U.S. Therefore, I am thrilled to highlight some of the greatest businesses for you to explore. Not only will I treasure these experiences for years to come, but because each adventure was so unique, it proves the diversity of experiences and fun available during your visit to the UK.  


One of the first adventures I embarked on was a visit to GYMPODS, an individualized workout experience for people interested in more privacy during their workouts without the cost of investing in a home gym. If you suffer from social anxiety or distractions during your workouts, particularly in publicly sweaty places with lots of mirrors and overwhelming equipment you have no idea how to use, this place will be heaven for you. Located conveniently next to the Dalston Junction station of the Overground line, the main perk of GYMPODS is its private strength training rooms, which constitute most of the space in the building. Each room is surrounded by clouded glass windows, offering immense privacy for your workouts while still allowing in some natural light. Additionally, the workout options in each training room are ENDLESS! You have everything from a bench press machine to a wide variety of dumbbells and free weights, to stretching bands and blocks, and so. much. more. 

My visit to GYMPODS in one of their training pods

My favorite aspect of the training rooms was the interactive training mirror that offers thousands of guided workouts for you to enjoy without being face-to-face with an intimidatingly fit instructor and a room full of others. GYMPODS even offers private treadmills and cycling options for those of us who love/hate cardio but don’t want anyone to bear witness to our obnoxious sweating during a 20-minute run. I ran on a treadmill that was surrounded by more clouded glass, but the top and back of the treadmill were left open to let in some fresh air for my run. The treadmill also uniquely featured TONS of scenic videos to watch while I ran. I chose a tropical beach run for my “scenic route,” and let me say, it makes a HUGE difference for passing the time and enjoying your cardio workout even more.

When you’ve finally completed the comfiest, least anxious workout of your life, GYMPODS has enclosed showers with lockable doors for visitors to refresh themselves before heading back to work or onward to London’s many coffee shops. As I was leaving, I chatted with the gym’s lovely founders, Mike and Simon, who explained that GYMPODS originally grew out of the COVID-19 pandemic and protecting gym visitors from illness, but it quickly became a beloved concept by many folks who don’t enjoy the body politics and close proximities of other public gyms. Overall, this place made me excited to move my body and allowed me to explore new workouts and try different equipment, simply because the fear of embarrassing myself in front of more skilled gym visitors wasn’t there. Especially as a woman, working out in public gyms can be extremely intimidating, so I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work out in a place as cool and considerate as GYMPODS was. Give them a visit and try it for yourself! Taster Packs start at just £15 for 2 sessions, and you will NOT regret it. 


Dalston Square, London, E8 3FS

SingEasy – The Musical Theatre Party

The second stop on my journey to London’s coolest spots was SingEasy. This secret room, located with Piano Works, Clareville House, glows with disco lights and emanates beautiful sounds as you are led down the stairs by one of the team’s friendly hosts. Upon entry into the space, you feel as though you have entered a hidden world where musical theatre, good food and drinks, and pure joy co-exist and work together to create a beautifully welcoming dining experience for all. My friend (who unbeknownst to me had EXTENSIVE musical theatre knowledge) and I were sat at a “front row” table, face-to-face with the gorgeous grand piano that commands attention in the centre of the room as someone plays immaculately upon it to guide the singers of the party, who also double as your servers and bartenders of the evening. 

Once we ordered our meals, my friend quickly got to work submitting requests for musical theatre numbers for the singing servers to perform while we ate. If you know nothing of musical theater like me, be sure to bring someone who does. There was nothing more enjoyable about the evening than when one of the performers would call out a number that my friend submitted, and we would wave with pride as the connoisseurs of musical theatre complimented US for our music tastes! This small but mighty team of incredibly talented singers and servers made us feel like we were truly part of the live musical theatre experience from start to finish. While the common moments of a good dining experience, such as always-filled drinks and tasty cuisine, were met, nothing compared to Ellie’s madly impressive belting out of a Phantom of the Opera number or Charlie’s breathtaking performance of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. Not only were Ellie and Charlie seriously talented, but they were also awe-inspiringly sweet and personally thanked us for joining them for an evening of food and fun. 

The team manager, Maisie, made sure we were more than cared for, and everyone on the SingEasy team engages with the audience in a way that is so special and intimate that you can’t help but clap and sing along to every number they perform, even if you didn’t know it before you walked in that evening. This was truly one of the most incredible experiences I had in London this summer, and learning more about the culture and delight of musical theatre was something I’ll never forget. Therefore, you ABSOLUTELY must book a ticket to SingEasy next time you’re in London. 

SingEasy – The Musical Theatre Party

A secret room located within The Piano Works, Clareville House, 47 Whitcomb St., London WC2H 7DH

Colours Festival at Camden Market

One thing about me is I LOVE WEIRD ART. As someone with brightly coloured hair and a knack for acrylic painting of all things alien, feminist, or the likes, anytime I get the chance to explore modern or funky art in a new city, I am SO DOWN. The Colours Festival at Camden Market was absolutely the embodiment of raw artistic talent in a mishmash of black lights, neon paints, and gorgeous concepts from street artists across the UK, each showcasing their unique ideas and style throughout the festival exhibition. 

When I first entered the festival’s space, I expected the traditional “art museum” experience where you walk peacefully around a well-lit, neutral-painted room. The very opposite was truth of the Colours Festival, which made it 10x more incredible. The gracious hosts of the festival led me downstairs to a winding hallway lit only with black and purple lights, and my neon green hair began to glow as I toured over 8-ft-tall walls filled from top to bottom with splashes, swipes, and bursts of UV-reactive colours. I was barely able to pick my jaw up from the floor as these amazing art works of diverse abstractions, aliens, animals, natural spaces, and human beauty were showcased in this underground magic tunnel of rave lighting and radically vibrant imagery.

Some of my favourite exhibitions included Reves One’s Untitled, a killer three-wall mural of pop-art-esque faces and characters shattered across the wall as if viewers were seeing the subjects through broken glass. The illusionary quality of Reves One’s mural made it seem like the characters he portrayed were standing in the room with me, glowing in their larger-than-life manner and filled with misunderstood emotions and mystery. Artist Dan Kitchener featured his Untitled works in the festival as an explosion of abstract cityscape. I enjoyed Kitchener’s exhibit because you could only see the rainy, neon-lit city street he portrayed when I stood farther back to take in the whole image. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that each shadowy character, water slicked car, or neon sign painted by the artist was only composed of a few abstract lines and strategically placed colours — which made his mural especially cool. Lastly, Abraham Osorio’s Untitled mural made me deeply emotional, as paintings of the human eye are images I hold closely to my own work and cherish as a communicative device for channelling the complexities of human life through art. The mural Osorio created was painted in mostly greys and whites, with splashes of neon pink, and the huge retina and pupil of the human eye seemed to smoulder with enigma and invited me to contemplate its beauty for a few moments longer than the other exhibits. 

Overall, the Colours Festival was an experience that was well within my wheelhouse as a sincere lover of art and an amateur street muralist myself. One of the final exhibits was an Amy Winehouse tribute, which was the icing on the cake for my experience! Next time you’re near Camden Market in London, you MUST give the Colours Festival a visit!

Colors Festival

Camden Market Harley Wharf

1 Dockray Place, London NW1 8QH

Inanch London

Next stop on my journey throughout London was a pamper day at Inanch London, a lovely salon offering everything from the usual haircuts and colours, plus additional options for hair treatments and extensions, lash and brow treatments, and facials. I visited Inanch as one of their first clients on a Saturday morning, and I was greeted by a smiling receptionist who very classily took my coat and offered me a drink. The salon was decorated with gorgeous greenery and accents of gold and white to make the space feel open and welcoming for new and returning clients. The morning sun made it an especially beautiful morning to be pampered!

My first treatment was a hydrafacial in a private room with Demi, who was incredibly kind and warm throughout the entirety of my experience. The facial itself is designed to purge your skin of impurities and deeply moisturize it with high-quality serums and LED light treatment. Because it was my first facial, Demi talked me through the entire process, which was helpful and very educational to me as someone who grew up in salons while my mom worked as a hairdresser. My favourite part of the treatment was the peaceful, relaxing sanctuary Demi and the Inanch team cultivated downstairs, away from the hustle and bustle of both London itself and the hairdressers in the main suite. It felt like my personal spa room as Demi gave my skin “the works,” and experiencing light treatment for the first time, designed to help the serums soak deeper into my skin, was super cool!

After my facial, I received a steam hair treatment in the salon’s private washroom, where the lighting was lowered, and twinkling stars blinked on the ceiling so clients can deeply relax while they sit at the wash bowls. Most of my time in any other salon’s wash bowl has been a harsh, neck-paining experience where a hairdresser yanks on your scalp for 10 minutes. However, Inanch London does it differently, and I felt so comfortable and considered while my hair was washed and treated. 

Finally, I received a round brush blowout from celebrity hairdresser Inanch herself, who was wonderful and considerate of my styling preferences and tender head. We chatted about my wildly coloured blue and green hair and how long it would usually take for my hairdresser mom to finish the job (hint: roughly two and a half hours). I truly enjoyed the few hours I spent at Inanch London, and if I were to move to London full time, I know I could count on Inanch and her team to meet my colourful hair needs just like my mom would. 

My blowout and fresh face after my spa day at Inanch London. 

Inanch London

220 Great Portland St, London W1W 5QP

Rooftop Film Club

My next adventure to the hottest locations in the city was paying a visit to the cinematic rooftop experience offered by Rooftop Film Club. My friend and I were very excited to attend the evening screen of the early 2000s rom-com High Fidelity, featuring John Cusack and Jack Black, and the experience was amplified by the rooftop view of the London cityscape. While the weather that day was less than forgiving with wild wind speeds on the rooftop, the staff at Rooftop Film Club made the best of it by offering waterproof, fleece blankets for all the movie attendees and soundproof headphones so the audio of the movie could be heard clearly by every audience member. Our experience at Rooftop Film Club reminded me of typical outdoor movie screenings in the States, including a projector, a grassy field, and lots of blankets, lawn chairs, and snacks. I loved the special touches on the rooftop like the comfy lawn chairs and Astroturf that were meant to mimic the outdoor screening vibe, just at a much higher elevation with a significantly better view.

Screening view at Rooftop Film Club

The movie was hilarious (who doesn’t love a moody romantic comedy with Cusack and Zoe Kravitz as lovers?), the popcorn was kettle-cooked and delicious, and even though the sun was out during our movie, we could see the high-quality screen perfectly. I recommend a visit to the Rooftop Film Club, located on the 5thfloor of the Bussey Building on Rye Lane, for date nights, family nights, and anyone looking to observe London’s beautiful views AND fabulous cinema. 

Rooftop Film Club

Roof A, Bussey Building, 133 Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST

Sound Bath at Chelsea Physic Garden

The finale to my journey through London this summer was the most magical of all, simply because I am extraordinarily passionate about holistic healing and spiritual practices as an integral part of my healthy lifestyle. The Chelsea Physic Garden was on my list to visit from the very beginning of my trip as a gorgeous green getaway amidst the less peaceful surroundings of cement, traffic lights, and noisy traffic in the city. Therefore, having the opportunity to attend a mini yoga session and spiritual sound bath at the Garden made this a VERY special occasion. 

We began the session by meeting our spiritual leader for the evening, and engaging in some light yoga stretches to open our bodies up to receive sound vibrations later in the session. We then engaged in a “mindfulness nature walk” where our spiritual leader led us through the botanical garden, and I was in-awe of the huge variety of plants, trees, and little insects taking care of the land. We were encouraged to tune into each of our senses throughout our walk, feeling the warmth of the sunshine and the soft and squishy grass beneath our bare feet. We listened closely to the distant city sounds, the wind blowing through the garden’s many trees, and bird calls I have never heard before. During my walk, I found a beautiful tree that had branches that grew like a canopy around the trunk, so I walked through the small opening in the branches to enter a tranquil cavern of shade and green underneath the tree. Once we returned to our yoga mats after our walk, me and roughly 15 other women worked in unity to deeply breathe, stretch further, and let out three “oms” before heading inside for the sound bath. The event began at 18:00, and it lasted roughly an hour and a half, which was plenty of time to soak up the glorious garden and enjoy the sound bath in the upstairs studio. Just being in the presence of a garden as well-cared-for and beloved as the Chelsea Physic Garden made me grateful for the experiences that led me to that moment and reminded me of how well-care-for and beloved I am. 

View of the Garden from my yoga mat at the beginning of the session

In the upstairs studio, a large collection of gongs, chimes, drums, and other special instruments were already set up in the middle of the room. Our group laid on the floor in complete stillness for 45 minutes while a magnificent orchestra of sounds danced over our bodies and minds. The sound bath pushed me to let go of the barriers keeping me from fully relaxing into the floor that evening, and I was mesmerized by the kindness and joy I experienced from each sound as it washed over me. At some point, a chiming sound began to play that reminded me of a ballerina jewelry box from my childhood, and I began to silently cry in my stillness as I connected with the eight-year-old version of myself who suffered at the hands of generational trauma. This sound bath allowed me to set her free and find peace in my heart for the harms my younger self experienced. Deeply and intimately, this event impacted me. 

The Chelsea Garden holds many different types of outdoor and indoor events similar to this sound bath with incredible community leaders, local gardeners, and so much more. Not only is this one of the most exotic and colorful gardens I have ever seen, but the energy of this place is calming and sublime to say the least. Visit the Chelsea Physic Garden to experience a natural oasis during your next trip to London!

Chelsea Physic Garden

66 Royal Hospital Rd, London SW3 4HS

In Closing…

As I pack up the rest of my items at the end of a two-month stay in the wonderful city of London, I am thrilled I had the privilege of experiencing the beauty and delight these businesses have to offer for all who seek to find this city’s authentic magic. Outside of the places I described, the giant city of London has something for everyone if you know where to find it. I hope my experiences can serve as guidance for anyone seeking a solo adventure or fun places to visit with friends, especially if you’re a hippie, artist, cinema lover, workout junky, or general fun-seeker. Safe travels and good luck!

HANNAH FULK, Heart London Magazine

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